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Justin giving tooth brushing, nail clipping, baiting tips on Meredith Vieira

Justin live at the World Dog Awards

Funny For Fido 2013 Miraculous Dog Transformations

Of  all the rewarding work we do at The Language Of Dogs, presenting our annual fundraiser Funny For Fido tops the list.  This video, presented at the opening of the show,  highlights some of the incredible rescue work done this year.  Funny For Fido on behalf of Second Chance Rescue NY, Mayors Alliance Wheels Of Hope Program and SNARR. We thank you for your continued donations at which makes this possible.

Justin shows how he teaches dogs to walk off-leash in busy places

I truly feel that although it’s important to keep your dogs on leash while walking them, a well trained dog should not need the leash. What happens if you drop the leash? They should  know to “come” when called, “heel” and “stay”. It’s also no fun to be the person who takes their dog to the beach, on a hike or into the country and have to keep them leashed up. Here is how I teach this safely.



Justin Silver speaks on pet adoption in this PSA (in conjunction with the ASPCA).

Funny for Fido Featurette

Funny For Fido Charity event founded by Justin Silver with comedians Colin Quinn, Dave Attell, Amy Schumer, Robert Kelly, Pete Correalle. A Non-profit charity organization Funny For Fido to help provide aid to no-kill animal shelters. Hosted by Justin Silver.

Tips on how to teach dogs commands more effectively

I was on a training session the other day with my clients Jake, Janet and their energetic dog Jack. (Yes the towels in the bathroom have three J’s embroidered on them). I took this impromptu video on my iPhone to show you one method I use to teach dogs words and commands.

This focuses on first -using the word to mark the behavior, then transitioning it to a cue/ command.
Little Jack here is learning the word “Spot” so Jake and Janet can cue him to go to his spot when the doorbell rings as an alternative to barking and running around like a lunatic.

The session was a real success (duh, I’m good at this, LOL!) so I hope you like it.

Funny For Fido 2009 “Comics Stand Up For Homeless Animals”

Meet Quincy

Meet Quincy, a starved puppy we recently rescued. Please donate to his rehabilitation and care at

Funny for Fido is a charity created by comedian & animal activist, Justin Silver to provide financial grants to animal rescue organizations. Our signature annual stand up comedy event brings together the country’s top comedians to raise money for our grants program and awareness for our mission to save homeless animals.

Funds raised at our events and throughout the year are used to pay for veterinary care, food, training, transport and temporary and permanent housing for animals that would otherwise be killed.

Redirection and “leave it” for the garbage mouth dog

When dogs fixate on things it often results in unwanted behaviors that can range from annoying to dangerous. Excessive barking, whining, aggression, obsessing over toys or food- you know the drill.

The other day Dave and I worked with Melissa and her Frenchie, Gus.

Gus is the consummate garbage mouth who eats everything from tissues to cigarette butts down to his own poop. More than once, poor Melissa has been forced to bring the little guy to the vet and needless to say, Gus’ mouth is writing checks his body can’t cash.

Furthermore, Gus is just over a year old now and we fear his legendary bad breath may hurt his chances on the dating front. Even the best altoids can’t cover up the smell of poop and cigarettes.

Dave just got a new iphone and we all had a special affection for Gus, so we decided to break out the video and offer up a few pointers.

The Talk

Justin Silver gives helpful dog tips on “The Talk” with Sharon Osbourne & Julie Chen.