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Training, walking, pet sitting in NY/ LA & many cities in between. Please contact us for pricing.


Justin & The Language Of Dogs trainers have a wealth of knowledge and experience across the full spectrum of canine behavioral difficulties, ranging from basic puppy training to aggression problems. Justin’s gentle approach has been equally effective in the most hostile of proving grounds, abused rescue dogs as well as in the most ordinary of circumstances- the frustrated dog and its owner. In short, Justin deploys an educational program that offers simple techniques to create confident owners and disciplined dogs in a supportive and relaxed environment.

“Like any relationship, miscommunication and mixed messages give rise to misunderstanding. We are not born with these skills and I offer a clear way to communicate with the animals to yield desired, effective results.”

Prices vary depending on the time needed to work with the animal and the obstacles and difficulties they are facing.

Single training sessions

These sessions usually take place at the owners residence in order to work through issues they are facing in their day to day environment. Sessions last roughly between two- four hours with adequate breaks for both dogs and owners to rest and process the information.

Two-three day private training trips

Justin and Dave travel to you, anywhere throughout the U.S. and Canada for private  two- three day sessions. These comprehensive sessions are designed to get owners and dogs through difficult issues.

Skype Sessions

Skype  consultations are truly an excellent way to treat most standard canine problems and are the next best thing to being there.  The Language of Dogs has been providing this “visual dialogue” service for some time and has become quite skilled at overcoming the few limitations of computer-mediated communication.

  Justin genuinely wants to help everyone he can and most training questions we receive and dog problems we face are pretty common.  It seemed only natural to offer these services especially since most difficulties are “owner centric” and easy to work with via video or even on the phone.

 Video conferencing provides a superb interface to guide owners through most training scenarios and problem solving techniques.  Moreover, if your dog is cooperative, we can often see any problems in action. Whether one wishes to master training techniques, work through sticking points or find a solution to a pesky issue, Skype is a great way to teach and coach.


Walking your babies is one of the most important aspects of their physical fitness, but we all know how hard it is at times to make the time to do it right. This is where we come in. We offer a full range of dog walking services including:

One Hour Group Exercise Walks.

The emphasis is on small groups so no animal suffers from diluted attention and caretakers know their dogs intimately to ensure proper pairing and an optimal experience.

15 Minute Relief Walks.

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Short walks intended to let the dogs do their business.


In the last couple of years, Justin has met a growing demand for trustworthy, caring overnight service. Thanks to his stellar reputation, Justin and his caretakers have been entrusted to provide peace of mind for owners in New York and Los Angeles.

• Pre-travel consultation – Peace of mind for owners.
• Limits stress and maximizes activity for the animals.
• Far superior experience to indoor kennels and no drop-off/pick-up required.
• Handle all duties- walks, vet appointments, groomer etc.
• Bonded and insured

*Digital pics of happy dogs provided upon request.

Pricing & Rates

Rates are set on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact us to inquire about services & pricing