Naira with Oliver

Every time Oliver returns from a visit with Justin his separation anxiety decreases.
Oliver Naira
When I first rescued Oliver, he was skiddish, had sever separation anxiety, was afraid of men, wasn’t potty trained, lacked basic discipline and knowledge of commands. We met Justin and the two of them had an instant connection. After one session with Justin, Oliver was responded very well to “Sit’ “Stay,” and “Come.” I was blown away! Since then I’ve been leaving Oliver with Justin for daytime daycare where he takes him on hikes and socializes him with other dogs.

Every time Oliver returns from a visit with Justin his separation anxiety decreases. He is also friendly with men now . Justin also practices safe off leash training, and Oliver’s been getting better and better at it each time, following me closely when I take his leash off. The greatest experience I had with Justin was when I left the country and boarded Oliver with him for a week with additional training. I would get photos of Oliver throughout the week playing, in swimming class, and looking happier than ever. Oliver returned home fully aware of all the commands, with very few to zero accidents in the house. I highly recommend any boarding or dog sitting with Justin as I felt more comfortable having Oliver be safe with him than anyone else. As Oliver continues his visits with Justin his confidence just keeps growing. I’ve been leaving him alone at home for a couple hours at a time returning to a much more relaxed, happy puppy.

Justin’s overall training techniques and tips are very effective, especially if you execute them yourself at home daily. I would absolutely recommend him to any dog owner, his connection with Oliver is very special.

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  • Services: Fear, separation anxiety, basic commands, house breaking, socialization

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