Erin with Gustav

Gustav is my first and has always been challenging...

Gustav is my first and has always been challenging. He’s not a problem dog per se but was a handful (for me). I had taken Gustav to multiple puppy training courses, hired private trainers, utilized board training and read extensively on the topic of puppy behavior but despite, he was developing some unusual and life imposing habits. He spazzed over the shower being turned on, refused to walk stairs, resisted walkers who wore hats and avoided other dogs. I found myself developing routines to avoid anything that would set Gustav off rather than taking control over things. He performed all the commands we learned in puppy school in the house but they did not extend into real life practice. Justin connected with Gustav immediately and translated for me a more effective communication approach to Gustav. Justin overhauled our entire routine and improved areas of my care for Gustav that I wouldn’t have anticipated having impact on these limiting habits. I saw change very quickly. We now work with TLOD extensively for training, walking and boarding. I feel confident in the care Gustav receives and also have more confidence myself providing the guidance Gustav requires to overcome his anxieties. Life with Gustav has really never been better.

  • Date: 1/1/13
  • Client: Erin with Gustav
  • Services: Basics, separation anxiety, fear, confidence, leash skills

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