Anna with Maverick & Socks

When I met Justin I was at breaking point...



“Maverick and Socks  turned my life around. Socks (Corgi – Jack Russell mix) came to me in 2010 diagnosed with Distemper, after a week of syringe feeding I was given a 3-6 life expectancy …he defied expectations and is 100% healthy and happy today. Needless to say he was spoiled rotten. When Maverick muscled on to the scene in 2012 in Los Angeles, I struggled with aggression between the boys, toward other dogs, toward anyone who came near me whilst walking or  entering the house. My home was torn to shreds and frequently peed on. My neighbours were fed up of the constant barking and crying . When I met Justin I was at breaking point, I was within days of trying to rehome Maverick because I felt I was not the right owner for his safety.  Between Justin and Matt (from Zen Dog) I have learnt so much about my boys and  myself. The boys are now happy and settled in my new home in NYC, they play like brothers and are both darlings at the puppy park. I am learning every day that I can be a strong leader without losing my maternal side and they are responding beautifully.

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  • Services: Leash skills, hyperactivity, aggression

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