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The Language of Dogs - Obedient Owners & Happy Dogs
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About Us

What about us? Well, for starters, The Language of Dogs is a full-service dog care company founded by Justin Silver which means the dogs will be always be the priority. This actually holds some meaning today as the pet care industry explodes and business, not the dogs we love can too often be the focus. The maxim, “the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing,” is one we subscribe to. It’s about the dogs.

David Donnenfeld, Justin’s business partner, can sound more serious in these assertions as evidenced by his writing of The Language of Dog’s mission statement:

The Language of Dogs was created to provide pedigreed, attentive and affectionate care to those who entrust us with their most beloved four-legged companions. Furthermore, it is the mission of our Company to adhere to and exceed the standards of excellence set forth by the professional associations and licensing authorities as well as identify and create new and needed protocols for canine care in an ever evolving industry.

How It All Got Started

As a dog trainer by day and comedian by night, Justin Silver felt compelled to provide “comic relief for animals.” This noble desire was realized in 2005 when Mr. Silver founded the charitable organization “Funny For Fido.” Soon thereafter, Justin formed “The Language of Dogs,” with the aim to provide “best of breed” services and a “pedigreed” experience to all his clients.

As he observed, “Dogs in an urban environment face challenges but have an opportunity for outstanding quality of life.” In an industry teeming with self-proclaimed authorities but void of wholly agreed upon standards of care, Justin felt that the needs of urban dwelling dogs were underserved.

In 2010, longtime soundboard and friend, David Donnenfeld officially became Justin’s business partner and they quickly began to implement their own standards and procedures as it related to dog walking safety, socialization of city pups as well as training. Mr. Donnenfeld’s background in behavioral health and business coupled with his passion for animals allowed him to identify owner difficulties and common safety risks that most owners and walkers overlook.

With rigorous self-imposed standards and ethics that only devout animal lovers could have, this duo has formed a thriving pet care concern with its core objectives on animal safety, health and happiness.